Bankruptcy provides individuals and businesses with the opportunity to wipe out most or all of their debt. In many individual bankruptcy cases, the person filing will even be able to keep their car and home. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world, bankruptcy provides a fresh start! Bankruptcy can actually provide significant benefits!


Elder Law

With a focus on Medicaid Applications, Guardianships and Probate matters, our firm will be there to assist with the wide range of Elder Law concerns facing our clients. We will guide you through what is always a difficult time while addressing the legal and planning issues that arise when meeting the needs of the elderly client and their families.


Criminal Court

Whether you find yourself in Municipal Court on a traffic citation or Superior Court facing  prison,  criminal court is a scary place to end up. You need an attorney to advise you on the consequences of every decision you make. We know that people make mistakes. Allow us to fight for you.